Spring Time Commissions

Special commission offer for a very short amount of time.
All commissions include:
° Portrait/ Headshot to Halfbody
° One character
° No or a simple background (e.g. colour gradient or simple patterns. Please specify in your message if you want something specific)
Everything beyond those terms need a personal discussion about emerging extra charges.
The last section of "Watercolour with more than 3 Layers" can also include an "Animal Silouette-Landscape" type of Illustration.

I don't draw:
° Loli / Incest / explicit content / Furries / Super cute stuff

Choose what kind of commission you want and write down the details before you finish off your purchase. I will get back to you through your provided eMail adress. Or DM me via instagram - your choice. =3

5,00 €

  • Available
  • 10 - 21 days delivery time1