Few people can say how it happens.

What even happens.

But the alluring whispers in peoples heads are getting louder.

Their inner demons are becoming independent.

Their promises to the humans which accept their offer:
Power, luck, satisfaction.
Their benefit: Chasing the inner urge to become divine.
Even if they can't fully understand what that might entail.

Many humans swiftly grasp the opportunity and agree. And are punished with contempt by the 'unbroken', which are still the majority of the thinned population.
Searching for help in grief and anger, they trusted their lives to their inner demons. The consequences were obvious, but the truth weight behind their despair was incredibly difficult to measure.
Now they have to live with the impact of their decisions while the lawless ruins of the sunken world slowly starting to come back to life.

Now they have to learn what 'being human' truly means.

The Characters



Age: 22 years

Gender: male

Nature: friendly, introverted

Race: human

Birthday: 16th of september  (Virgo)

Height: 1,80m

Weight: 72 kg

Hair: black with a white streak

Eye color: yellow

Inner demon: Lilith
Faction: „Anima“





Shingeru is a loyal and helpful person to his friends and close acquaintances. He is still looking for his place in life. Because of his broken home, he has trouble understanding the concept of belonging and security. His mother blamed him for all her bad life choices. His father just lived in his own world of perfect harmony, ignoring all the problems in his sons life. Rumors about his parents as well as his passive nature made him an outcast in school. The only thing keeping him from breaking loose from his old, restricting life was a tiny push, which he got thanks to Kaiko. He fled from home and spent the first year of his new life homeless - learning to care for himself and meeting many different people with different stories and philosophies. This made him a more open and confident person with a clearer outlook on life.

After joining 'Anima' he seals a pact with his inner demon Lilith, developing a strained relationship to her. She regularly confronts him with his bad attributes, his past and his inclination for obsession about things, a fact he's denying to himself. His deepest wish is for a home, a place to retreat to and live in peace and be loved. Without condition, without constraint. He knows he won't find this kind of life in Anima, but he figures this organisation might be a good starting point for his goal.



Age: 21 years

Gender: female

Nature: distant, hotheaded

Race: human

Birthday: November 4th (Scorpio)

Height: 1,70

Weight: 65 kg

Hair: black

Eye color: green

 Inner demon: Gierra

fraction: „Anima“

Kaiko is easily seen as arrogant and bossy. Her habit of addressing problems openly even while being fully aware of the fact that her big mouth might lead to problems and misunderstandings might be perpetuating the problem. She despises being touched, especially by strangers. At the same time, she has no issue underlining an argument with her fists. Especially when being reduced to her gender.
Kaiko suffers from fear of loss and has problems trusting people, probably caused by her clumsy and inexperienced way of dealing with people.
Her specialties in the Anima are espionage and assassinations.
Kaiko has a weakness for good liquor and thoroughly prepared food. In combination with her curiousity for new cultures she ends up being a very travel happy person.

At the bottom of her heart. she is very protective and solicitous to her friends. Left alone and without a purpose, she quickly falls into melancholy.
Although throughout her life she quickly learned that showing this to the outside world doesn't accomplish anything.

Kaiko has a very conflicted relationship to her inner demon Gierra: She values his viewpoints and general intelligence, but despises his dominating and egocentric nature. She also despises that she generally has less leverage in their relationship. She takes life as it comes, not knowing what to expect from it or her future. She assumes that in her line of work there is no point in thinking about those things. Maybe not having to think about these things is the for the best after all. Life seems less constricting, and freedom is what she values most.


 (sumerian god of fire, lightbringer)



Height: 1,85m

Element: fire

Gender: male

Color: red

Animal: Heron

Nature:  manipulative, playful, lewd

Philosophie: hedonism

Gierra is the personified hedonism. His whole being centers around ways of playfully savoring his own existence, be it food and drink, knowledge, sex or the satisfaction of any other prevalent desires. In his own eyes his existence is too valuable to be wasted with grief and doubts and his own will too precious to submit to societies rules. If he wants something, he takes it. Rarely by violence, generally by manipulation.

Gierra is a sly demon, who can effectivly articulate. Despite his self-centeredness he is willing to help those who ask for his council, be it to later use it to his advantage or be it to indulge in showing off his superiority. His helpfullness doesn't always have to end in benelovence. On multiple occassions Kaiko had to experience painfully that he prefers teaching a lesson with a negative example. His attitude towards her always sways between courteous and dominating.
Like most demons even he does not know why he feels the desire to become divine. He can not grasp this contradictory concept, no matter how long he ponders it.