The Characters - Part 2

Hold on for a second! If you missed the first part of my character presentation, please feel free to check it out!

The Plot

We good? Good! Now, to the next three lovely characters from Seelekrieg!



 Age: 16 years

Gender: female

Nature: cheerful, extroverted, open-minded

Race: human

Birthday: 27th of november (Sagittarius)

Height: 1,59m

Weight: 53 kg

Hair: sea green-bluish, natural dark blond

Eye color: light brown

Inner demon: Chordeva

Faction: „Anima“



At first glance, Eleanora appears to be a very cheerful and open-minded young girl with a strong need to volunteer. She takes situations and people as they are, instead of using her extroverted energy for bias and worries. Often, she will be seen as careless and naive because of her attitude.

Chordeva on the other hand represents her inner fury about the the selfishness and overall reticence for humans to open up to new and unkown viewpoints. As a matter of fact, because of those in her eyes fundamental problems, her own backwardly parents and villagers banished her. Even though she just wants to scream all of her opinions out into the world, internally, she is still struggling to accept them herself.

Chordeva wants to push them through, preferably with violence. But Eleanora is just a compassionate and parcifistic soul who doesn't want to hurt anybody. Conflicts should not be solved with new conflicts. All around her should finally wake up and put their weapons down – no matter what enemy is in front of them.


Eleanoras' eager of knowledge is tremendous, which results in her reading in every given free minute. Taking care of and handle her plants especially takes a shine to her. Because of that, her room in Anima resembles more of a miniature jungle and her cabinets are constantly filled with all sorts of self-manufactured medicine and spices. Even though she is not really good at cooking.






Height: 1,83m

Element: Air/ Thunder

Gender: female

Color: Orange

Animal: Cat

Nature: protective, abrasive, confident

Philosophie: equalism




Chordeva represents Eleanoras internal, rough fury towards the outside world, which she will never be able to recognize herself. She will postpone her primary role of finding her way to become godlike, to protect Eleanora from her innocent und sweet-tempered nature without hesitation. Even happily with improper means like emotional extortion. In her opinion, she will do everything just for her wellbeing, even though most of the time, she simply forced her ideals on and subdues Eleanora instead of letting her find herself freely. Chordeva has, compared to the other demons, no real talent in using words and instead uses impulsive and emotionally fueled behavior to show her displeasure. She can be seen as gruff and curt, but that doesn't lessen her streak of public spirit towards individuals who she trusts. Or rather she can be sure about they won't hurt Eleanora. The most easy-going friendship she has made so far, is the one with Kaiko.





Height: 1,79m

Element: Poison / Life Energy

Gender: female

Color: green / black

Animal: snake / Desert Eagle Owl

Nature: manipulative, greedy, patronising

Philosophie: objectivism




Lilith, or formerly called Ereshkigal, is a freethinker, but not one of the most approachable type. She presents herself as inscrutable, deceptive and fake. She has a talent for manipulating and plays with others, especially with their desires, as well as their deeply ingrained fears.

She is more the composed type, who prefers to think twice and observe the situation instead of acting impulsively. But when she acts, it's efficient. She has a possessive nature as well – no one will be tolerated at Shingerus' side without a fight. And definitely noone will take away her right to say what's on her mind.

She likes just the best quality in everything she consumes: The finest alcohol and the best food is just good enough at her table.

Unlike the other demons in the story, she was in fact a goddess before and knows exactly what she should do to become one once more: To act against her hedonistic and egoistic nature for the benefit of mankind. However, despite her inner urge to become quintessential, she like her demonic life very much. She finds it fulfilling to live a more peccable life. The exhausting knowledge of being a god is something she would rather erase from her memory. Even though she knows that she will not be able to.

As a former underworld goddess, she does justice to her reputation of finding amusement in bloodshed.